If you, or someone you care about, suffers from PMDD you can contribute to #PMDDPostcards. Closing date for submissions is September 30th 2017.

What’s the big idea?

PMDD Postcards is a visual project with one main aim: to represent the diverse nature of PMDD, and to showcase the experiences of those living with this illness through testimony and imagery in order to raise awareness. (Read our other aims here.)

The idea is simple: describe how it feels to suffer from PMDD on a postcard sized piece of paper (or a digital version) and send it to us. We will collate the images and use them as part of the project to reflect just how it feels to suffer from this debilitating condition. We are hoping to do an exhibition later in 2017 but will also be doing some other fab stuff with the images!

If you, or someone you care about, suffers from PMDD you can contribute to this project. Yep, that’s right, we want PARTNERS, CHILDREN, MOTHERS, FRIENDS too, as well as sufferers themselves.

Simply draw, doodle, write or create something (anything!) about your experience of PMDD on A6 standard-sized postcards (or postcard sized pieces of paper/card – you don’t have to buy anything especially!) and send it to us. This can be a sketch, a watercolour painting, a doodle, a list, a letter, a diary entry, a detailed drawing, a poem, anything!! It can be one – it can be twenty! We want AS MANY AS POSSIBLE! You don’t have to be arty to take part – we just want you to be involved!

You can also create digital pieces such as photos etc and email them to us via our Facebook page.

Here’s some examples of what we’ve received so far!


How do I submit something?

You can email us any digital images via our facebook page or send your work to us in an envelope to:



Can I send something bigger than a postcard?

No, we will not accept work bigger than A6, however you can send several postcards that join up to make a larger image. The more the merrier!

Can my postcard stay anonymous?

Your postcard can remain anonymous, but we would love to have your first name and age written on the back and even a short 50-word summary of your PMDD story which would help us give a broad picture of PMDD. By giving just these details, you remain anonymous, yet viewers will understand a little more about the person behind the story.

What if my postcard contains content not appropriate for children to see or read?
We would like to put as many postcards as possible here on the blog, so we are happy to ‘blur’ or ‘block out’ any sections we judge as inappropriate for kids. We will also put an adult content warning if needed. (Final decisions are for the discretion of the VC team).
When exhibiting the work we will include all postcards, somehow! This may be in folders or an ‘adult only’ area.

What will happen to my work?
We will scan all postcards we receive and post a selection of them here on the blog.
We also have plans to curate and exhibit the collection to go on show to the general public, so watch this space!

Important: By entering your work, you are agreeing to Vicious Cycle using your work in all forms necessary to raise awareness of PMDD. This includes online, on social media, and any printed form of publication in the future.

We hope you enjoy taking part and support us in sharing this important message!

The Vicious Cycle Team