Laura Murphy goes LIVE on BBC5

Laura Murphy raises awareness of PMDD on BBC5's live morning radio programme alongside Professor John Studd, swears on air and gets retweeted by Kim Wilde. What a day!

Paigey’s story

Paigey's teenage years not only brought her period, they brought PMDD. The teen years are turbulent enough without the added burden of an invisible illness. In her very raw account of what those years were like for her, Paige addresses the fallout of not feeling supported by her parents, the impact her untreated PMDD had on her relationship and has some advice for families of teens who are in need of support. Trigger warning: Before you read this piece please be advised it deals with abuse including that of a physical nature.

Tanya’s story

For Tanya, the diagnosis of PMDD following childbirth was an added complication to her mental health issues. But with medication, research and some changes to her diet and exercise regime, Tanya was able to experience some relief from her symptoms.

Open letter to PMDD

Dear PMDD, I am now in the clarity stage of my cycle so I can sit back and reflect this past month. You have certainly done a great job at causing your usual hormonal shit storm this month so a massive congrats to you. If you were an actual physical human being I would high … Continue reading Open letter to PMDD