Laura Murphy
Project Co-Founder/Director
Laura lives in Kent, UK and has suffered from PMDD since the age of 17. She was diagnosed 17 years later aged 35. She is passionate about raising the standards of care for sufferers of PMDD after hearing stories from women who have been let down over and over again. She’s been the whole way through the treatment plan and is soon to be post-op! Laura is on The Board Of Directors for the Gia Allemand Foundation for PMDD and also runs the UK PMDD Support group on Facebook. She lives in Kent, UK, with her partner and two fur-babies.

Celia Hyland
Project Co-Founder
Celia lives in Kent, UK with her husband and two young daughters so her passion lies in raising awareness of PMDD through cycle and symptom tracking from a young age, and educating women in the difficult post-natal months. She currently manages her PMDD through SSRIs, natural supplements and diet. The Postcard Project developed from the idea of giving all PMDD sufferers a voice, since the symptoms are so varied.


Lynda Pickett
Project Co-ordinator – Australia
Lynda lives in New South Wales, Australia and joined the Vicious Cycle team after being inspired by their Postcard Project. She is a mother of two young boys and was diagnosed with PMDD after her periods returned following the birth of her eldest. She is still on the journey to finding the right treatment option and is finding some relief with natural therapies. Lynda helps to edit the ‘Me and my PMDD’ blog, enjoys pinning new finds on the Vicious Cycle Pinterest boards and engaging with other sufferers on Facebook and Instagram.

Lou Pemberton

Social Media
Lou lives in Berkshire, UK with her husband and 2-year-old daughter and was diagnosed with PMDD shortly after she stopped breastfeeding. Lou believes she has been affected since starting her periods at 14 but was not diagnosed until she was 29. She loves seeking out un-diagnosed sufferers who do not have the help and support they need, and helping diagnosed sufferers with extra support and resources. Lou’ s main role is managing the VC Instagram account but she also enjoys helping with other projects behind the scenes.